"The time which we have at our disposal every day is elastic; the passions that we feel expand it, those that we inspire contract it; and habit fills up what remains." Marcel Proust
As Proust said, passions expand the time on our hands, and I would add, exalts it.

NeOver the past few years I've fallen in love, with whom? More like, with what. During a thousand trips around the world to manage financial relationships and contracts, whenever I had a free moment, an evening, a few hours before returning to my hotel, I would go to museums. After that, I moved on to galleries and then beyond. I began to acquire pieces but, not betraying my spirit of a prudent investor and by virtue of a long and satisfying career, I wanted to see beyond my passion.

I'm talking about Modern and Contemporary Art.

First, I examined the historical aspect, the delightfully artistic heart of the works and artists that I enjoyed the most. I spoke with workers, historians, merchants, critics, and anyone who knew something or had lived or shared my passion either by choice or necessity. Then I focused on the financial value of the pieces.

Red Mill
Piet Mondrian 1938
It goes without saying that in the value of pieces I discovered a whole world: artists young, old and deceased; managed and unmanaged; national and international. Pieces were on file, with and without certification or authentication, signed or not signed. Not to mention the markets that were paranoid, objective, televised, closed or open. It's a jungle out there, and the person who wants to buy a piece, given his love for it, effectively doesn't know how much to pay for it.

Beyond the love for a piece and its fair price, there is also the investment to consider. Here, the buyer has many questions he should ask.

At the end of the day, my ideas are the following:

1 First of all, he must buy something that he likes, a subjective element.
2 Then, whatever he buys must be a substitute for the money he usually would deposit in the bank. It is imperative that it maintains its value over time, possibly increasing over the years. If he has chosen well, the value could even increase a lot, in which case there would be a significant profit.

The final revelation is this:

When I acquire a work of art, instead of seeing a bank statement, I see something I like that, thankfully, is firmly attached to a wall in my home, regardless of what happens outside my door.

In order to arrive at this conclusion, I have patiently devised and organized my personal criteria.

Using these, I have found the proper evaluative tools and now I personally judge the value of pieces that I am interested in. In time, with this newfound skill, I have assisted many friends in this extraordinary process. I have advised them and accompanied them to galleries, museums, and auctions, helping them to create new alternative investment assets.
The personal satisfaction and thanks from those I have helped have convinced me to take the next step.aggiunte e i ringraziamenti di chi mi ha accompagnato mi hanno convinto a fare un passo ulteriore.
I will make myself available to my clients, banks, institutions I work with, and passionate individuals as I have in my current role at Revis which I have held to my great satisfaction for almost 30 years. Discretion is, and always will be, central. So anyone who has a financial asset to diversify, wants to acquire a work of art he likes, is looking for an artist - new or well known, Italian or foreign - or needs to review a deal, and wants me to help them get involved in the world of modern and contemporary art, can write to me at this address:

indicating your name, phone number, and the general reason for your interest. I will be happy to contact you personally.
"In a crazy world like this one, the only truly crazy thing is not to look beyond"®